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About us

Manufacturing company Fahrenheit was founded in Kyiv in 2009.

During the last 12 years, our products became well-known throughout Europe and Ukraine. Mostly, that happened due to the main mission of our company - to prove that products manufactured in Ukraine can compete with foreign analogues.

What was necessary for this? We know the answer. The successful combination of technology and attractive look, the usage of high-quality materials from world top manufacturers, modern methods of work organization and flexible price policy of course.

Today products with FAHRENHEIT logo are noticeable and used not only by fishers and hunters in close collaboration with whom we began our way. Nowadays, our clothes are getting more popular among trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts. The cooperation with Ukrainian military forces also has brought a mutual benefit, which resulted in the development of specialized and unique garments. Our collection Heritage turned to be non standard and highly demanded, stylish and modern youth clothes with colorful elements of national style. The success of this collection pushed us to the development of new direction in our work.

Due to close communication with our customers we constantly improve our existing products. A lot of our new products appeared only because of the analyzed feedback of our customers.

We are always open for experiments and ready to try ourselves in the new unknown fields.

After many years we totally understand that perfect manufacture organization and employee appreciation can create miracles. We achieved good results by using modern materials, technologies, equipment and advanced methods of production organization.

We like the result of our job.
We live with what we do.
We realize that we do our country more beautiful and more powerful.
These are not empty words.
We are proud of creating our future.

Let’s create the future together!