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What do you need thermal underwear for?

The main task of thermal underwear is to remove excess moisture from the body surface and quickly "give" this moisture further (dry quickly). It is due to the timely removal of excess moisture from the body and maintains the thermal balance of the skin.

What temperature is this thermal underwear designed for?

Thermal underwear, first of all, is calculated on types of activity, instead of on a temperature mode. In order to choose the right thermal underwear, you need to understand what you are going to do in this thermal underwear (for example - sit, walk or run). Depending on the type of activity, the same thermal underwear can be used at completely different temperature ranges:
- high physical activity, even in the cool season, requires the use of thermal underwear with a high level of moisture;
- medium / intermittent load, requires the use of thermal underwear with a low level of insulation, but with effective drainage;
- low load (static) in the cool season, involves the use of thermal underwear with the maximum degree of insulation.

Where can you measure your clothes?

You can measure and buy FAHRENHEIT TM clothes in the stores of our partners. Detailed information in the section "Our dealers".