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TIPS for taking care of clothes

The main washing and care recommendations of every item are displayed by the manufacturer in the form of pictograms on the label. It would be great to follow those recommendations. However, it’s just simply required to follow these rules while taking care of any modern high-technological clothes:

When using the washing machine, set the mode Delicate wash with the water temperature up to 30С. Use pre-soak and options like “water plus” and “rinse plus” for achieving the best results. If it’s possible – use spin at low speed.

To wash products with membrane or down insulation, spinning IS NOT USED!

Special washing liquid is required to wash membrane or down products. It’s FORBIDDEN to wash them with basic washing powder because it will damage membrane and DWR coating. If there’s a combination of membrane and down, it would be better to use special washing liquids for down washing, because they will help you to wash down without damaging the membrane. When you choose washing liquid please take into consideration that the high-quality washing liquid is necessary to deal with membrane products.

Dry cleaning and ironing of such thing sare prohibited. Chlorine bleaching is prohibited. It’s forbidden to use solvents and stain removers. These are absolutely mandatory conditions without any exceptions.

It is forbidden to use household conditioners and softeners. But as an exception, if these conditioners and softeners are developed specifically for these kinds of clothes, you can use them.

When you wash dirty clothes with special liquids, use pre-soak in the same liquid for washing. Additionally, before pre-soak, you can wipe dirty spots with the same liquid.

It’s mandatory to check if the clothes are washed fine and if liquid spots are not there before you dry it. If it’s not like that, enable additional rinsing.

Do not dry garments via the drum dryers, on the radiators, near the fireplace or with the temperature you can’t control. Optimal drying is the way of air circulation.

Products with additional insulation and outer membrane should be dried by turning them inside out.

Before drying products with additional insulation, no matter the type of it, let water go. Only after the main amount of water leaves the clothes, you can put it for drying. It should be done this way for the insulation, which consumed a decent amount of moisture, will not damage seams of inner material and lining.